Why is social media listening important?

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People talk about products and brands online every day. They share their customer experience, recommend products and services they liked, ask their online community for advice, and more. A lot of that online talk is either about your brand, your competitors, or the industry in general. And if you're even a little interested in helping your business thrive, you need to listen to what all those people are talking about. Social listening tools like Smelter are designed to help you do that. They’re great for monitoring brand mentions and conversations around your product, gleaning industry insights, and learning what your competitors are up to.

Can you just run some polls and analyze customer feedback instead? Sure, you can. But the results will reveal only a tiny portion of the real picture. With social listening, you can do much more:

  • Learn how your customers actually feel about your product and what they expect from your brand.
  • Find out what people say about your competitors and your industry in general.
  • Reach out to and build relationships with potential customers.
  • Manage crises and PR issues before they get out of hand.

Social listening also allows you to join online communities organically and offer people actual help — a far better strategy for gaining long-term trust than giving people the hard sell.

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