Our go-to tool for customer and competitor-driven marketing

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As a dynamic and fast-growing company, navigating a marketplace that is equally vigorous and evolving, we need to anticipate the needs of our customers while keeping a keen eye on the competition.

This level of insight is not a way of keeping score, but an enterprising tool to actively manage strengths and weaknesses in our marketing, anticipate and uncover new opportunities, and mitigate or avoid brand risks.

Our customers and competitors must be treated as strategic resources when it comes to decision-making. The customer experience becomes a vital differentiator for purchase decisions, as well as allowing benchmarking of where, when, and how customers experience our brand vs. the competition.

Key insights

  • Benchmarking

    Smelter makes it possible for us to quickly and accurately benchmark our marketing performance versus the competition. Plus the ability to monitor brand awareness and keep close tabs on how we are perceived versus our peers provides real, useful information for our management teams.

  • Market sentiment

    The ability to look inside the workings of the market from the customer’s point of view is a powerful piece of equipment to have at our disposal. It allows us to measure customer perceptions and market sentiment instantly.

  • Customer-driven strategy

    This process of discovery, by delving deep into consumer-driven information, informs our corporate competitive strategy.

  • Real-time, online

    Receiving and actively managing real-time insights, based on the size of our online presence relative to our competitors, can be monitored and analyzed within a particular timeframe or amongst multiple time periods.

Quantitative analytics

Let’s take a look at the bottom line. Here are some of the outcomes we achieved based on the monitoring information

15% → 17%
Improve share of voice positive mentions
in food delivery market from 15% to 17%
Improve volume of mentions
by 23% quarter to quarter
Improve Positive sentiment
by 10%
Improve Positive sentiment
by ESG attribute by 15%