A big IT company monitors media mentions: how and what for?

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Staying on top of the latest company news about their top management, press mentions, and public reactions (both positive and negative) is crucial for any company that wants to stay on top of its brand.

That’s why one of the world’s top IT companies is constantly utilizing media monitoring to get valuable insights from the so-called info field. They keep an eye on their brand's reputation, seek internet reviews, and look for people to collaborate with.

Today we are glad to present what they’ve learned from this research.

The top 3 events by media reach

33.5 million
informational policy
14.3 million
Changes in top management
in the mainstream press
and on social media.
11.5 million
its services

Users' attitude towards the company

Top negative reactions
•‎ Changes in top management 70% of reactions were negative
•‎ Launch of a new service for users to buy and sell goods 30% of reactions were negative
•‎ Company’s informational policy 35% of reactions were negative
Top positive reactions
The number of positive reactions to the events was extremely low, only 5% on average, which can be attributed to the continued dominance of political topics. This data allowed the company to structure its statement to better suit public opinion

Products that were most frequently mentioned in the press and by users

By the end of April, the number of product news doubled compared to February-March. Market and food tech services were the most talked about. This information enabled the company to give more attention to these services, respond to customer concerns swiftly, and solve them as soon as they arose.

Valuable insights

As previously discussed, this data is essential for the company's market positioning and for improving the service quality. Here’s what we got out of it:

  • Valuable insights from users about the company’s services gave them an opportunity to enhance products. As a result, many ideas they got from users are being implemented at the moment.

  • Increased loyalty among users while spotting customers seeking assistance and providing them with support.

  • Closer cooperation and stronger connections with opinion leaders and top bloggers.

  • A better understanding of users’ wants and needs as well as an awareness of how loyal they are to the company and what attitude towards the company prevails among its users in general.

Results in numbers

Let’s take a look at the bottom line. Here are some of the outcomes we achieved based on the monitoring information

Valuable insights
in development
loyalty increased by