Smelter customer insights

Understand your customers at a new level using AI based Smelter insights — the key tool what helps you to find and use all customer conversations about your brand to make high-quality decisions.
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Our product is made for the LaTam region and therefore pays special attention to local data sources

Monitor customer opinions in real-time

Don't miss opinions from real customers to improve your product and marketing strategy
  • Don't be blind: use the ability to monitor groups on different social networks, including TikTok.
  • Automatically identify key insights using ChatGPT: it helps you to analyse reviews from your customers to make needed improvements.
  • Evaluate how different groups of customers react to new products: use advanced analysis in a socio-demographic context.
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Keep everything under control

Never let a situation in your market get out of control
  • Control a situation in your market better than your competitors using regular automated reports.
  • Get an opportunity to analyse a situation in different Latin American countries markets using geo filters.
  • Collect information about your market from different sources (social networks, review sites) to have a whole and detailed picture of customers preferences.
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Get full access to advanced analytics

Use a single tool to collect and analyse what your customers talk about your product to make strategic decisions
  • Evaluate launches of new products in real-time using Smelter.
  • Analyse your auditory and its social activity to use this data in your strategy.
  • Find the most influential persons to increase sales and promote your brand.
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Smelter advantages

Without Smelter

  • Miss the opportunity to grow your audience
  • Run the risk to have a low NPS
  • Your conversion rate remains on the same level

With smelter

  • Get more attention: increase audience engagement more than 40%
  • Maximize your revenue: increase NPS more than 20%
  • Make your ad campaigns more efficient: increase conversion rate more than 30%

How do our clients benefit from using Smelter?

Increase share of voice

up to 22%

Decrease cost of the customer acquisition

by 7%

Smelter opens the new world of mentions! It provides us with billions of customers views and instant market researches that we can use for creating our best sales and marketing strategies.

— Michela Toffali, Chief Marketing Manager, Sellesta AI
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