Brand analysis

Know customers attitude to your brand in all details. Don't let negative sentiment affect your brand and business. Track negative in campaigns or hashtag in real-time.
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Our product is made for the LaTam region and therefore pays special attention to local data sources

Get everything you need at one place

Collect all the information about brand attitude at one place
  • Analyse not only posts from social media networks but comments to important posts using one tool.
  • Explore customer opinions in a generalized form based on ChatGPT advanced summarization.
  • Connect new sources to Smelter, for example use Google Analytics to identify hidden connections.
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Use modern analytics tools

Find out the real customer attitude towards your brand
  • Analyse reputation in any context: a marketing campaign, new markets, social networks, reviews in the marketplaces.
  • Evaluate the AI based tone of mentions about your brand from real customers.
  • Use flexible feedback mechanisms what allows you to make automatic evaluations smarter.
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Go ahead of the competitors

Use collected data to find your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and ahead them in sales
  • Collect customer mentions about competitors in different sources.
  • Evaluate the  tone of mentions and find competitors' strengths and weaknesses using ChatGPT algorithms of summarization.
  • Distinguish the main thing that customers belong to different socio-demographic categories talk about and increase sales using a personalized offer.
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Brand analysis with Smelter

Without Smelter

  • Fall behind the competitors
  • Miss important insights
  • Collect necessary data manually

With smelter

  • Go ahead of the competitors and become the #1 player in the market
  • Have a clear understanding of the competitive environment and the market as a whole
  • Get automated reports and analyze data in real-time

How do our clients benefit from using Smelter?

Increase share of voice

up to 22%

Decrease cost of the customer acquisition

by 7%

Smelter opens the new world of mentions! It provides us with billions of customers views and instant market researches that we can use for creating our best sales and marketing strategies

— Michela Toffali, Chief Marketing Manager, Sellesta AI