Smart and easy to use competitive intelligence tool

Determine and regularly monitor competitors' strengths, weaknesses and their impact on customers to be one step ahead
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Our product is made for the LaTam region and therefore pays special attention to local data sources

Become the #1 player in the niche

Our social media monitoring tool allows you to stay one step ahead
  • Analyze competitors and keep an eye
    of their activities
  • Monitor how your competitors manage their marketing channels
  • Use ChatGPT assistant for market analysis
  • Understand competitors' customers in the context of socio-demographics, geography and interests
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Get a wholesome customer view on competitors

The platform collects customer opinions from different resources for a detailed competitor analysis
  • Unlock access to mentions from most important social networks including TikTok
  • Be confident that you don’t miss anything
  • Get the opportunity to find deep custom insights about your competitors
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Unleash the power of automated reports

Smelter scans the web and instantly summarizes the mentions about your brand and competitors brands
  • Stop wasting your time and get automated reports less than a minute
  • Be always up-to-date of the main figures
  • Use flexible rules to set up reports for the needed data slices
  • Distribute insights with live reports and screens to your team directly
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Monitor competitors with Smelter

Without Smelter

  • Fall behind the competitors
  • Miss important insights
  • Collect necessary data manually

With smelter

  • Go ahead of the competitors and become the #1 player in the market
  • Have a clear understanding of the competitive environment and the market as a whole
  • Get automated reports and analyze data in real-time

How do our clients benefit from using Smelter?

Increase share of voice

up to 22%

Decrease cost of the customer acquisition

by 7%

Smelter opens the new world of mentions! It provides us with billions of customers views and instant market researches that we can use for creating our best sales and marketing strategies

— Michela Toffali, Chief Marketing Manager, Sellesta AI
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