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PR & marketing metrics to find growth points
Smart KPI for communication strategy to stay ahead
Insights and publication topics
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Best channels for effective communication
Know everything about your
Start following a brand and receive only relevant mentions. It's easy: type its name in our smart search bar and choose a suggestion. You can always use the extended search feature as well
Automatic brand name suggestion
Never get a false negative! Our AI model looks at the mention’s entire context. If other brands are mentioned alongside yours, Smelter sifts through the noise and finds what is being said about your brand specifically.
Sentiment analysis
Get a comprehensive and non-biased understanding of where you and your competition stand: discover mentions in any language and in any type of content, whether it’s text, video, or images.
Multilingual insights
Analyze different brand attributes and the tone around them. Finding your competitors' strong and weak points is now easier than ever!
Automatic identification of brand attributes
Learn how your competitors are doing by tracking and analyzing the metrics that matter to you and plan your marketing strategy based on what you’ve learned
Analysis of all types of data
Four steps to beat your competitors
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How a big IT company monitors media mentions and what it gets from that
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